The Hafen-Klub – Tradition with Future

The Hafen-Klub, founded in 1965, presents itself with the most beautiful view of the port of Hamburg, directly above the St. Pauli Landungsbrücken.

The Hafen-Klub was founded to provide local entrepreneurs with a place to meet up with their overseas business friends. Because abroad, the port merchants often experienced that they were invited to a ‚port club‘. On the second and third floors, between the piers 4 and 5 with the two imposing domes, managers from a wide variety of industries have their exclusive ‚anchorage‘.

The Hafen-Klub Hamburg e.V. plays an outstanding role in the social life of the city of Hamburg as a communication platform and business association. It is supported by around 330 commercial enterprises with 700 representatives from the management levels of Hamburg's economy - not least from the shipping and port sectors - and has an impact far beyond the borders of Hamburg through the affiliated companies and their business partners.

A constant exchange of information takes place here; new business contacts are made and old contacts maintained. The development of club life is promoted with a rich and varied range of guided tours, specialist lectures at lunchtime and lecture events as a ‚get together‘ in the evening with managers from all sectors.

In short: the Hafen-Klub is one of the most interesting marketplaces for the communication of innovative commercial companies in Hamburg. It doesn't matter whether it's day or night, when shipyards and handling facilities shine in the spotlight, one thing is clear from the Hafen-Klub: the gateway to the world is open 24 hours a day.




If you don't know the harbor you want to sail to, no wind is the right one for you.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca


The Hafen-Klub was founded at a time when the port companies, after 20 years of successful reconstruction work, were increasingly focusing on intensifying international customer contacts, which had also been largely destroyed by the Second World War.

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